Company Sara Battaglia
Country Italy
Telephone +39 02 33 61 47 21
Market Segment Premium
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Sara Battaglia Financial Report


Sara Battaglia Financial Report

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Sara Battaglia

Head Designer

Sara Battaglia
2010 - current


Shapes, creativity, experimentation and fabrics have always been a part of her. Sara Battaglia grew up surrounded by arty siblings and parents: her brother was an art dealer, her sister a fashion editor, her younger brother a prop stylist and her mother a sculptor.

At only 6, Sara created her first bag from a piece of fabric she stole from her mother, and then organised mock fashion shows at home with her sister and sewed clothes for her Barbies.

Design and fashion have always been her favourite obsession. After attending art school and tired of studying, she immediately went to work for an accessories fashion house, where she learnt all she needed to know to create her own brand, with her own name, and little fear of the risks involved. Now , she works with various Italian designer labels.

Laboratories and factories are the stylist’s favourite hangouts – that’s where she feels she can express what she feels at that particular moment, and reach perfection of an idea.

While discussing “Diary of a genius”, she famously said, “Daddy, I know what I want to do when I grow up. I want to be Salvador Dalì”. And it’s this sentence that Sara Battaglia holds dear to her heart.

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Name Sara Battaglia
Country Italy
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +39 02 33 61 47 21
Fax +39 02 33 61 47 54
Date of foundation 2010
Type of Company Private


Via Rugero di Lauria, 6 20149 Milano

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