Company Grupo Munreco
Country Spain
Telephone +34 91 4 84 80 40
Market Segment Premium
Core Business Watches

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Grupo Munreco Financial Report

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Henri Frédéric Sandoz
Jules E. Sandoz


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Sandoz is a Swiss company which was founded in 1870 as a family business. Of many years history the company produced exclusive models of watches using innovative technologies. These models became popular not only on Europe, but also in other countries around the world. Henri Sandoz was the founder of the company. He was considered to be the pioneer in watch production area. The movements created by him in 1938 got the prize of Notel observatory. In a year the brand presented its production at the exhibition which is usually held in Zurich. There it also got the first prize and everybody's recognition.
In the middle of previous century Sandoz brand was specialized on ultra-fine watch producing. Model 333 is a good example of such watch. There are 60 ruby gems in the movement. The balance is in the middle and it turns round being fixed by six small balls, which move in a special track outside the movement.
The movement is supplied with a new system, which almost completely compensates vibration and provides equilibrium between the parts and elements of a movement and the back side as well.
Sandoz company during many years made one's positions at a world trade – firmer, saved everything that was adopted before and even multiplied it. Still it keeps faithfulness to old traditions of horology.
The appearance of Sandoz watch is a perfect combination of design and technology. All the models are full of simple elegance, there are no unnecessary elements. Nowadays Sandoz watches are considered to be a modern classics, which is free from any conventions and excessive pathos.

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Name Grupo Munreco
Country Spain
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone + 91 4 84 80 40
Fax + 91 4 84 80 41
Date of foundation 1982
Type of Company Private


Av. de Bruselas 32 Polígono Arroyo de la Vega 28108 Alcobendas Madrid

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