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Roberto Botticelli Financial Report


Errebi SpA Financial Report 2021

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Aldo Botticelli

Head Designer

Roberto Botticelli
1980 - current


The story of Maison Botticelli tells of a talent for doing things, of the passion of several generations of people for art and beauty and making unique objects. It tells of an adventure that has been going on for more than sixty years and still continues today. It tells of the ability to emphasise the inheritance of knowledge passed down over time, really developing and integrating art and artisanship with modern technical equipment and economic science.

From this great passion for contemporary art, Roberto Botticelli wanted to interpret fashion design as a new art, as the fruit of collective work and at the same time individual, capable of rising up to symbolise time. This is how the Botticelli style was born.
Each line is not limited to interpreting trends of the moment, but it claims to express a personal point of view: not just the here and now but mostly projected towards new horizons.
Botticelli products are created for those who are not content with the trivial and repetitive. They are for those who believe that quality of life means knowing how to surround oneself with beautiful things, full of personality, sought-after materials, colours and designs. Passion for art and its alliance with luxury footwear creations are the bases for every Botticelli product.

The woman of Botticelli’s universe is a woman in the know, amusing and extremely sexy, able to choose her role without giving up her femininity to modern society. The man in Maison Roberto Botticelli is a true gentleman who stays faithful to his elegance over the years and fashions. Both are the product of the sensational creativity of the Marches House, which still confirms the eternal “diktat”: combining art with fashion.

To give voice to its own vision of fashion design, Roberto Botticelli has given large priority to its brands. The communicative aspect has thus always represented one of its strategic aims of well planned and always forward looking company action. For this reason, Roberto Botticelli has initiated a strong and progressive brand policy consolidation activity, affirming itself as one of the few footwear trademarks able to boast from the beginning: tradition, style and personality.

Today it undoubtedly represents one of the reference names for consumers who not only want to stay up to date on news and trends but also want to anticipate them and stand out.
Roberto Botticelli signed footwear is a profoundly Italian product, rooted in the Marches manufacturing traditions but always open to the rest of the world, to the East as well as the West. From this fundamental concept have come the numerous real outcomes of its single brand which has invaded major Italian cities and the Netherlands, to expand towards the Middle East, the United States and Spain, reaching as far as India, South Africa and China
The latest conquest has been Shanghai. In September 2010, in the historic Hotel Peninsula, there was the official inauguration; we are sure this will certainly not be the last frontier of the Marches Maison.
In 2010 the first mono brand store was inaugurated at the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai, followed by a second store in the Time Square Mall. In the early months of 2012 another two sales points were inaugurated in the cities of Suzhou and Chengdu.

On the Japanese front the opening of a showroom is scheduled in Tokyo for the early months of 2013, together with the inauguration of the first flagship store and the new e-commerce platform.

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Name Errebi SpA
Country Italy
VAT Number IVA 01022170441
Telephone +39 0734.861022
Fax +39 0734.861047
Date of foundation n.a.
Type of Company Private


Strada Prov.le Brancadoro, scn 63811 Sant'Elpidio a Mare (Fm)

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