Company Shanghai Textile Development Corporation. Ltd
Country China
Telephone +86 021 64735000
Market Segment Premium
Core Business Apparel

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Shanghai Textile Development Corporation. Ltd Financial Report

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Tan Yuxian


Team of designers


The Very Beginning
1898, 37-year-old Tan Yuxian opened a drapery and clothing shop on HuangJiaQue Road/DaJi Road, named Rong Sheng Hang, to aim at the high-end and hand-tailored market.
1901 Tan Yuxian officially launched his own clothing brand‘ 普洛利文 ’.
1905, Rong Sheng Hang had its business operation in many districts such as Wu Ni Jing(now known as Hua Jing), Qi Bao, Che Dun, Tong Jing, Liu Xiang, Ye Xie and other local small towns in Shanghai.
Brilliant Thirty Years
1919, the eldest son of Tan Yuxian, Run Tai, seized the rising trend of western-style dress and created a western-style dress shop.
1920s, the design of Prolivon had been widely acclaimed. Gradually, it had begun to attract the celebrities.
1929, Run Tai sold out the store in Yang Jing Bang and opened new branches in Jing’an Temple Road (now known as Nanjing Road), Tongfu Road (now known as No. 1 Shimen Road).
Something Unforeseen
1940s, Rong Sheng Hang experienced a serious fabric shortage and plummeted sales.
1947, Run Tai used all his savings to send his only son, Shi You, to Paris, France to study in Creapole where Shi You absorbed cutting-edge design concepts and formed his own unique fashion sense and business intelligence.
1950, Shi You returned and began to restructure Prolivon. The early 1950s, Shanghai began to carry out industrial restructure of the textile and garment industry. After a series of resources integration, Rong Sheng Hang became a collective ownership and incorporated into Northeast Textile Bureau of Textile Industry Department.
2009, the Shanghai Textile (Group) Co., Ltd. re-created the image of Prolivon. So far, this long history high-end brand re-boarded the fashion stage.
September 16, 2009, the grand opening of Prolivon's first shop in High Street LOFT,
2009 autumn - 2012 summer, Prolivon opened stores one after another in department stores in Shanghai. 2012 autumn, Prolivon starts to fully explore the mainland market.

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Name Shanghai Textile Development Corporation. Ltd
Country China
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +86 51870666
Fax +86 65117676
Date of foundation 1992
Type of Company Private


Floor 22, Building of Fudan Science Park, No. 11, GUOTAI Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

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