Company Massimo Piombo SRL
Country Italy
Telephone +39 02 49 47 83 38
Market Segment Premium
Core Business Apparel

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Massimo Piombo SRL Financial Report

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Massimo Piombo

Head Designer

Massimo Piombo
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Our man portrays himself to be at the centre of society and modern fashion, highlighting a profound contrast, passions, intolerances, poses, striking ironies and unexpected snobbish naiveties which make piombo the emblem of the new italian aesthetic movement.
A gesture to the beautiful expressed with extraordinary spontaneity, laying the foundations for an artistic and fashion-related debate, involving fashion lovers and defenders of the ideals and principles of the modern aesthetic. It’s the fusion of a certain mysticism and sensuality; a return to emotions, to abandon, to delight, against the rule of logic, rationalism, material and an outdated bourgeois reality: it’s a marriage of identity between beauty and virtue, expressed through a delicate and never artificial sensuality.
If everything quickly fades away before our eyes we can, however, grasp and retain any extreme passion as a contribution to knowledge that can liberate the spirit and the senses, giving life to a new gracefulness, to an authentic meaning of dress, to a permanent link between aestheticism and individuality.
The PIOMBO man is the ideal figure; he’s invisible yet he’s always been around. He dresses according to instinct, his sensitivity, his strength and weakness. He purifies life with a vivid emotionality, colourful, fresh and enchanting at the same time. He searches for and finds the beauty in every season, every time, every moment, in those perfect, precise combinations, with a simple result, of enchanting beauty. That type of romantic beauty, wild but ordered, never constructed but expressive, that suggests to you a renewed desire for joy and serenity. It’s a man who is indifferent to explanations. He believes that consistency is the last refuge of those lacking in imagination. He doesn’t want masks or masquerade balls, but looks for pure form in clothes, the perfect cut, and the harmonious collection that invigorates individuality.
The message is the natural expression of beauty. The refined choice of material, richness of colours, the artistic ingenuity of piombo, which incorporate bizarrely individual hints of originality and simplicity; a quality so rare that when you encounter it you can’t fail to love it, but that’s not all... PIOMBO is the passionate foolishness of those – and there are many of us – who want to beautify the natural legacy of the majority, from an aesthetic and spiritual point of view. With noble and spontaneous loyalty, considering ourselves only a delightful note in the symphony of fashion. This noble foolishness may bestow a new beauty upon life, on dress and play. And this is looked for in the scope of our vision; in the most sought after expression of our truth, made of fabrics, colours and clothing that become an aesthetic, independent, charismatic, private and personal influence. It’s a boundless vision, a wider atmosphere, passionate and at the same time profound music, a creative energy that comes from the spirit, the soul; a force, a vibe, a fire that has all the amazing quality of ecstasy.
Nowadays the only things worth doing are impossible things!

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Name Massimo Piombo SRL
Country Italy
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +39 02 49478323
Fax +39 02 76311789
Date of foundation n.a.
Type of Company Private



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