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Pierre Hardy Financial Report


Pierre Hardy Financial Report

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Pierre Hardy

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Pierre Hardy
1999 - Present


As a student of fine arts, Pierre Hardy also studied dance intensively. At the same time he discovered shoes through working as an assistant, a position that quickly lead to him designing the shoe collections for Christian Dior, a post he held for four years. Aggregated by the Ecole Normale Supérieure, he taught scenography at the rue Blanche School, then at the Ecole Supérieure d'Arts Appliqués Duperré, a school where he still teaches to this day. Expanding his reach Pierre Hardy produced illustrations for magazines like Vogue Homme International and Vanity Fair, and, for a time, was also Artistic Director of the fashion shows at the Hyères Festival in the south of France.||Pierre Hardy was named Creative Director of the women's then men's footwear collections at Hermès in 1990. In 2001 he also became fine jewelry Creative Director for the famous leather goods house.|His collaboration with Nicolas Ghesquière since 2001 has seen him develop and push to the forefront the Balenciaga shoe collections.For spring 1999, Pierre Hardy created his first collection of women's shoes under his own name. In 2002 and 2006, respectively, he followed up with men's and bag lines.Since 2003, his collections have their own jewel-box setting, Galerie de Valois in the gardens of the Palais Royal.At the initial stage of each collection Pierre Hardy takes the time to focus on designing. The design is a way of writing thoughts, a way to test the strength of an idea, and of course a means of research. Pierre Hardy develops logical formulas, constructing plays on volume, working not on trends but on graphic images. His influences come from design, architecture, conceptual art - never fashion history.||The style was established from the very first season, and Pierre Hardy's approach was a radical one. |The uncompromising collection produced cutting-edge pieces with pointed shapes in sliced leather with razor-sharp heels. Pierre Hardy creates footwear like miniature architecture with clean lines and sculptural volume that tend towards simplicity. The result is a strong style that's equal parts graphic and sensual.

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Name Pierre Hardy
Country France
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Telephone +33 1 53 19 19 24
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63, rue de Lancry 75010 - Paris

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