Company Picchiotti SRL
Country Italy
Telephone + 39 01 95 30 81
Market Segment Premium
Core Business Jewelry

Picchiotti Financial Report


Picchiotti SRL Financial Report 2021

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Giuseppe Picchiotti


Team of designers


Giuseppe Picchiotti made his first foray in the world of fine jewelry in 1967 when the Picchiotti atelier opened its doors in Valenza, Italy. Today he’s known the world over as the premier jeweler of Italy.

Picchiotti’s sophisticated and distinctive jewelry is created entirely in-house at the company’s manufacturing atelier, which allows for unparalleled excellence in the execution and quality assurance of every piece.

Alongside, with an open mind towards the challenging economical environment and an evolution in consumers’ needs and tastes, Picchiotti has been gradually introducing new lines inspired by modern and vibrant fashion, yet with an enduring style and a distinctive pattern. These collections include inventive design and novel setting and have been conceived to be worn as “everyday” accessory. They still reflect, by all means, Picchiotti’s usual standards of quality and craftsmanship, with all the attributes of fine jewelry.

As a result of this successful combination between classical and modern, important selections of the Picchiotti Collection can be found in the world’s most prestigious retailers and Guild Jewelers.

In the strongest Italian tradition, Picchiotti has always been a family enterprise, with Mr. Picchiotti joined by his wife and three children in creating timeless works of art with world-class craftsmanship.

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Picchiotti SRL profile

Name Picchiotti SRL
Country Italy
VAT Number 00155530066
Telephone +39 0131 95 30 81
Fax +39 0131 94 63 22
Date of foundation 1967
Type of Company Private


Corso Garibaldi 137 15048 Valenza

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Picchiotti SRL doesn't provide the information on its shareholders.

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