Company Perfect Formula LLC
Country United States
Telephone +1 877 973 6245
Market Segment Prestige
Core Business Beauty

Perfect Formula Financial Report 2018

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Perfect Formula LLC Financial Report

Financial Data for this company are not publicly available

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Carlstadt, NJ
United States


Shari Gottesman


Team of designers


Perfection, at your fingertips.
After working in her family business for over 15 years, creating nail care and lacquer products for some of the biggest cosmetics companies in the world, Shari Gottesman decided it was time to create her own dream luxury nail care line when she realized that there still wasn’t a formula out there for the kind of strong, beautiful, natural nails that she knew were achievable for anyone.

Even Shari had problems with brittle nails that peeled chipped and broke. Working in a laboratory, doing domestic chores and being a new mother, Shari’s nails take the kind of daily abuse that most women can relate to. After years of pioneering important technologies and formulations, Shari had everything she needed at her fingertips, and she knew exactly what she wanted to do. Throwing out all conventional strengthening formulations, she started from the beginning and created a revolutionary product line using the most perfect formulas.

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Nail Care

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Name Perfect Formula LLC
Country United States
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +1 877 973 6245
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 2010
Type of Company Private


Po Box 275 Carlstadt, NJ. 07072

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