Company Lagen S.A
Country Russia
Telephone +7(812) 346 59 69
Market Segment Mass Market
Core Business Apparel

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Lagen S.A Financial Report

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oodji is a leading Company producing and selling clothing on the fashion-retail market in Russia. Today oodji has more than 400 stores in Russia, CIS countries, and Eastern Europe. oodji is a constantly growing and expanding company.

The story of the Company began in 1988 in St. Petersburg when the first store under OGGI brand was opened. Due to the flexible policy of the Company providing a quick response to the customer’s fashion preferences and due to the diversity of regularly replenished collections, oodji brand has rapidly gained customers’ loyalty in the Northern Capital.
After the entry into the international market in 2010, the Company has changed its name to oodji. The change of the name has opened a new page in the Company’s history. Simultaneously, with the development of chain stores in Europe, oodji has launched a new men’s line of clothes and accessories, all styles of this line have been created in the Design Bureau in Paris. The new line has been bounded to become popular with men-customers.

In 2012 the Company launched two new lines: oodji kids – kid’s clothes and accessories – and oodji shoes – fashion shoes for men and women.

In spring 2013, following the customers’ preferences, the Company successfully launched oodji Internet store. Brand loyal customers have received an opportunity to order clothes of their beloved company quickly and easily online.

“World”, “Today” are words encompassing the brand philosophy (from Italian OGGI means “today”). The main principles of the Company’s work are to feel and discover new and fresh tendencies in all spheres of life as well as to be the first to embody them in brand collections.

The Company has been registered in more than 10 countries and continues successfully to win the market. Every day oodji designers and buyers draw inspiration from the world’s trend-setting fashion capitals, follow fashion tendencies in music and cinema, and use interesting decisions for the creation of brand clothes. Democratic prices, combination of classic and unusual items in the collections comprise oodji brand.

Women’s line is presented by the lines ULTRA (bright youth collection), COLLECTION (stylish, noble line) and ELEGANCE (trendy wear of size 44-54).

Men’s collection – LAB (trendy garments and accessories collection) and SELECTION (sophisticated, elegant line with dominance of the classical wear for work and leisure).

Kid’s line – BOYS and GIRLS. Line is designed for kids of 3-12 years old. Line includes both classical styles for school, and everyday garments for leisure and walks.

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Underwear & Lingerie

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Name Lagen S.A
Country Switzerland
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +41 22 560 66 02
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation n.a.
Type of Company Private


Air Center 16 Chemin Des Coquelicots 1214 Vernier (GE)

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