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Nando Muzi Financial Report


Nando Muzi Srl Financial Report 2020

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Sant’Elpidio a Mare


Nando Muzi


Team of designers


The family company Nando Muzi was established over 50 years ago. During this time the company continued it’s constant creative searсh and growth.

Nando Muzi, the founder of the company, was born in the Italian Marche region on the Adriatic Sea. Shoe manufacturing is a local tradition here, and a young boy Nando starts working as an assistant to the well-known leather artisan. At the age of 25 he opens his own studio. Initially, there were only three employees working in the studio, today there are more than a hundred.

When creating a new pair of shoes Nando Muzi’s main idea was to accentuate female sensuality and elegance, the heels of his first shoe collection did not exceed 5 cm in height.
The line of Nando Muzi sandals in gold and silver has become a true sensation, winning popularity in the countries of northern Europe.

In the 70s Muzi’s style changes, shoe heels become higher, and the colors are brighter.
Women go crazy about his shoes, especially in the UK, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.
In the 80s, Nando Muzi shoe collections are sold in Europe’s exclusive boutiques, and the brand wins over the U.S. market.
The fall of the “iron curtain” and the establishment of communication between the countries of the former Soviet Union and the West opened up new possibilities for Nando Muzi, which today represents one of the leading luxury footwear brands in Russia and Eastern Europe.

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Name Nando Muzi Srl
Country Italy
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +39 0734 810234
Fax +39 0734 810121
Date of foundation 1963
Type of Company Private


Via Faleriense, 2103 - 63811 Sant’Elpidio a Mare (FM)

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