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G.M.A s.r.l. Financial Report 2020

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Brand Description


Fiorina di Domagnano
San Marino


Patrizio Piscaglia

Head Designer

Patrizio Piscaglia
1988 - Present


G.M.A. s.r.l., founded in San Marino in 1988 by Patrizio Piscaglia manufactures and distributes Messagerie, a menswear brand oriented towards a target of men 20/45 aged, attentive to cultural changing and Made in Italy lovers.

The collection Messagerie is a total look designed to suit the different times of a day, the concept is "the wardrobe".

After an initial distribution in Italy of 200 selected multi-brand shops and 50 shops in the world, for several seasons a more complex distribution in different countries has been planned.

And Messagerie today is distributed in France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium, China, Russia, Japan, USA and the Emirates with a turnover of 11 million euros.

The first flagship store was opened in 2011 in Rimini on an area of 150 square meters and the project was developed through the idea that distinguishes the brand, starting from the meaning of Messagerie in French; wardrobe, trunk, warehouse.

In January 2012 a directional showroom was opened in Milan, located in in Via Sirtori 31 inside one of the most important Art Nouveau buildings in the city.

The brand is supported by an advertising campaign on international magazines and organized by a press office in Milan.

Messagerie is exhibited at Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence and for four seasons it has walked down the catwalk in Florence previewing its collections in sophisticate spaces.

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Name G.M.A s.r.l.
Country Italy
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +378 0549 96 00 19
Fax +378 0549 90 45 54
Date of foundation 1988
Type of Company Private


Strada Andrea di Riccio,8 Fiorina di Domagnano 47899 Repubblica di San Marino

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