Company MeisterSinger GmbH & Co.KG
Country Germany
Telephone +49 25113 34 86 0 860
Market Segment Premium
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MeisterSinger Financial Report


MeisterSinger GmbH & Co.KG Financial Report 2021

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Manfred Brasser

Head Designer

Manfred Brassler
2001 - current


With their classic design, clear style and original way of measuring time, MeisterSinger watches convey a long-standing tradition. That this tradition only became reality in 2001 from a man’s dream that the relativisation of the passage of time in modern society should not harm the feel good character of our watches. The name MeisterSinger is a throwback to Wagner’s music and famous opera. The harmony reflected in a balanced composition, the subtle drama of a good piece and the ability of music to set time aside are all qualities inherent in a MeisterSinger watch. Thus, the MeisterSinger logo carries the fermata – the pause symbol in musical notation.

The MeisterSinger team can be found at work in the harbour area of Münster, the so-called “creative mile” of the city. The classic MeisterSinger designs are created here. Sales, marketing and administration are also based in in the city. MeisterSinger watches are “designed in Germany” but also bear the label “Swiss made”, because they are produced by a small Swiss watch manufacturer according to our designs. MeisterSinger actively supports local retailers and our watches can only be purchased by dealers we have authorised.

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Name MeisterSinger GmbH & Co.KG
Country Germany
VAT Number DE 814 975 332
Telephone + 49 25113 34 86 0 860
Fax + 49 25 113 34 86 10
Date of foundation 2001
Type of Company Private


Hafenweg 46 · 48155 Münster ·

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