Company ISC S.p.A.
Country Italy
Telephone +39 049 9323111
Market Segment Bridge
Core Business Active Wear

Marina Yachting Financial Report


ISC S.p.A. Financial Report 2021

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Nicolò Gavino




Marina Yachting is a marine inspired brand in the middle to high-end casual wear segment.
1972 marks the beginning of Marina Yachting as a men's and women's clothing brand, with the classic spinnakerlogo.
A brand with strong personality and a tradition as authentic as its origins, Marina Yachting is faithful, now as ever, to a sober and elegant style of dressing, independent of fashions and evoking marine atmospheres that contaminate metropolitan culture.||The historic Pickot, a typical double-breasted pea coat made of sailor cloth,
and the pullovers made of idrostop, a water- and stain-resistant fabric, are the stars of the collections and come in classic white and blue.
All the men's and women's collections are rounded out by outfits on four themes: Archivio, in which historic garments are revisited in a modern key for the two seasons; Macrologo, dedicated to the youngers, with garments
personalized by a big spinnaker; Banchina, representing the most concentrated total look for people who like to feel
the sea in town as well, and lastly Mare, an exclusively summer theme, a mix of style and innovation in which
the choice and use of fabrics is always uppermost.||Alongside the collections, the brand has the 1972 capsule collection, dedicated to men's wear, with highly sophisticated garments made of aged fabrics with a lived-in look and designed for select, high-end distribution.

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Active Wear

ISC S.p.A. profile

Name ISC S.p.A.
Country Italy
VAT Number IT04804070961
Telephone +39 041 504 4511
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 2013
Type of Company Private


Via Bruno Maderna 11, 30100 - Mestre (VE)

Ownership (Top Shareholders)

The Moncler Group has adopted a divisional organizational model since 2009, creating the Moncler division as only responsible for the Moncler brand and the Other Brands division responsible for Henry Cotton's, Marina Yachting, Coast Weber Ahaus brands and the 18CRR81 Cerruti licence. In 2012 the Group began a reorganization process, in order to split the two divisions and to make them autonomous. The reorganization was carried out during 2013 carving out the branches of the company related to the Other Brands division in favor of Industries Sportswear Company SpA, now know as ISC SpA, incorporated in April 2013 in order to transfer all assets and equity attributable to the Other Brands Division. Furthermore, ISC SpA has been sold by Moncler SpA to the private equity Emerisque in November 2013.
That's why we cannot attribute ISC SpA's brand portfolio to Moncler SpA.
Emerisque Capital Limited: 100%

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