Company Mariella Burani Fashion Group S.p.A.
Country Italy
Telephone + 39 0522 373131
Market Segment Premium
Core Business Apparel

Mariella Burani Financial Report


Mariella Burani Fashion Group S.p.A. Financial Report 2021

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Mariella Burani Fashion Group S.p.A. Annual Report

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Walter Burani
Mariella Burani


Team of designers


In 1960 Walter Burani and his wife Mariella Burani founded SELENE (today Mariella Burani Fashion Group SpA), a company dealing with production and distribution of kidswear.
Since the 1970s the entrepreneurial spirit will lead the founder to produce the prêt à porter collection with the brand Mariella Burani.
In the 1980s the company begins to strengthen its presence in international markets through the opening of mono-brand boutiques both in Italy and abroad. In the second half of the 1980s Mariella Burani starts the production for many Italian and foreign brands, including Valentino.
In 1986 the first advertising campaign directed by photographer Peter Lindberg takes place. This artistic co-operation will continue for several years.
In the 90s the company focuses on the production of important licensed brands such as Gai Mattiolo and Calvin Klein.
Moreover, in these years a huge plan of new openings takes place worldwide.
MBFG announces listing on the Milan Stock Exchange in 2000 and the Group begins a program of diversification in the leather goods, with the acquisition of several companies, including Braccialini, Baldinini, Coccinelle, Biasia. This activity leads to the birth of the Antichi Pellettieri. Later, Mandarina Duck will become part of the Group.
In 2001 it acquires 50% of the German company René Lezard Mode, leader in the men's and women's clothing.
After filing for bankruptcy in 2010, the Group begins a major restructuring and re-organization concentrating its activities on core business. Four important license agreements are signed with Matthew Williamson, Alessandro Dell'Acqua, Ungaro and Lancetti, which will contribute, together with the re-styling of its own brands (Mariella Burani, Burani Collezioni, Le Donne di Mariella Burani) also to re-launch the group.
Two agreements are signed for the production of footwear and children's clothing (respectively with GECO and Viviane Calzature) in 2011 and another license agreement for the production of Mariella Burani bags (with Zerotwonine). In the first half of the year MBFG celebrates the new opening of the showroom in Milan (Via Palestro, 24) and the brand new boutique in Rome (Via Borgognona, 29).
Maria Grazia Cucinotta is the testimonial for the advertising campaign of "Mariella Burani" A/W collection. The noble aim of this co-operation is to help the onlus SUSAN G. KOMEN ITALIA, fighting against breast cancer.

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Skin Care

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Name Mariella Burani Fashion Group S.p.A.
Country Italy
VAT Number 01727100404
Telephone +39 0522 373131
Fax +39 0522 576922
Date of foundation 1960
Type of Company Private


Via della Repubblica 86 42025 Cavriago (RE)

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