Company Malini Ramani
Country India
Telephone +91 011 4609826 /77
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Malini Ramani Financial Report


Malini Ramani Financial Report

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Malini Ramani

Head Designer

Malini Ramani
2000 - current


Whether you are a warrior, a waitress, a willow, a wife or a waif, in Malini Ramani’s clothes, you will be All Woman. Whether you are the gangster’s moll or a glamour doll, the naughty housewife or the obedient mistress, the teenage beauty queen or the geeky pip-squeak, the lusty princess or the charitable socialite, in Malini Ramani’s clothes, you will be All Queen. Whether are tall or thin, buxom or toothsome, black or white or cocoa, in Malini Ramani’s clothes, you will be All Pride.

Though fashion zoomed its way into Malini’s life by sheer accident, it has now become her driving force, her leitmotif, and her anthem. Her constant pursuit for not just excellence in the art and craft of design, but also in her personal evolution in all matters physical and ethereal, has translated directly into the fashion she creates. You will always find tiny facets of her diverse and colorful life coming together to produce a complete collection, with each garment a near transcendental experience for the woman who adorns it.

Since her first collection titled ‘Rockstar Meets Indian Princess’ at the turn of the Millennium in 2000, Malini’s fashion universe has been a harmonious amalgamation of contrasts. In her clothes, there is a constant osmosis between the East and the West, a seamless fusion of effortless chic and high-octane glamour, and a playful juxtaposition of “bling” and elegance.
So whether it’s the Moroccan inspired Kaftans that have been slashed knee high for an LBD effect, or the chicest jumpsuits engraved with Mayan and Aztec swirls and whirls, or the sexiest, figure hugging gowns that sparkle with shine and sequins or the plunging necklines and cinched waists of the prefect tie-dye print cocktail dress, they all seem to work together to form a cohesive collection. Her resort wear collections, a favorite among Bollywood starlets galore, best exemplifies this idea, where her “hippie deluxe” look combines with “aesthetic chic” to leave you looking like the de facto “Indian Love Goddess”.
Malini’s absolute insistence on designing only the clothes that she would wear has always been her “Fashion Mantra”. Her expansive life allows her the luxury of traveling throughout the year, and she borrows something from different cultures that she is inspired by. From Goa to Bali to New York to Dubai, there are legions of Malini Ramani fangirls, mesmerised in their never-ending quest to become the It Girl’s of Global Glamour, season after season.

Fashion for women needs to be feminine and flirty, and with a high dose of audaciousness and aestheticism, Malini Ramani makes it All Powerful. So whether you’re skiing in Gstaad or sunning in St. Barts, attempting to recreate red carpet Nirvana, or just desirous of looking undeniably chic, a Malini Ramani piece is always the perfect fit.

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Name Malini Ramani
Country India
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +91 011 4609826 77
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Type of Company Private


Shop No.336, 1st Floor, Emporio, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi -110070

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