Company Lydia Courteille
Country France
Telephone +33 1 42 61 11 71
Market Segment Luxury
Core Business Jewelry

Lydia Courteille Financial Report


Lydia Courteille Financial Report

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Lydia Courteille

Head Designer

Lydia Courteille
1995 - current


She has everything of a mischievous heroine in a boudoir, with a doll’s face and her hair, cut with a cheeky fringe; Lydia Courteille is a Parisian fairy tale reknown for her cabinet of curiosities where she pulls the strings, 100% dreamlike.

The address is petite, but unique for it’s 19th century vitrines, where a baroque sentiment is guarantied, set against velvety midnight blue and it’s number: 231, almost the Faubourg but already Saint Honoré.

Here, you meet the stylish, the fanciful and the feminine literary figures with their vamp-jeweled fingers; women with spirit for these conversational jewels. It is here; in this Orphean decoration that Lydia Courteille cultivates her dreams, like in a greenhouse. An incredible carnival of vintage jewellery, gleaned through the lifetime of a passionate antiquarian, fond of the extraordinary, who decides, one day, to create what she was relentlessly searching for.

Turquoise, opal, jade, coral, ivory – every vitrine has its color, its theme. Her creations are like stories to be read. There is the imaginary of a terrifying bestiary worthy of Jérome Bosch paintings, from which she diverts the diabolical for the beauty of their forms: snakes, bats, wasps, frogs or monkeys adorned with diamonds are on familiar terms with gargantuesque stones, cut to amaze, so much so that the volumes express themselves largely on one’s hand. Each piece of jewelry is unique and all the big names of the ‘Place’ neighboring don’t hesitate to inspire themselves from them, for their “no limit” imagination.

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Name Lydia Courteille
Country France
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone + 33 1 42 61 11 71
Fax +33 1 42 61 67 16
Date of foundation 1995
Type of Company Private


231, rue Saint Honoré 75001 PARIS

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