Company LOCMAN S.P.A.
Country Italy
Telephone +39 0565 979003
Market Segment Premium
Core Business Watches

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LOCMAN S.P.A. Financial Report 2021

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Marco Mantovani


Team of designers


LOCMAN was founded in 1986 by Marco Mantovani. In 1997, LOCMAN decided to give up producing watches for other brands and to launch its first own-name line of original models.
LOCMAN aims to occupy a niche market with products featuring innovative designs, but distinguished by high-quality craftsmanship and refinement, in order to meet the demands of a category of consumers looking for original, exclusive and trendy products.
Thanks to the Linea Sport in 1999 and to the DIAMOND-Alluminio models in 2000, which featured a tonneau-shaped aluminium case with a non-allergenic strap in Lorica, timepieces by Locman Italy have become cult models featuring a striking blend of ambition and casual confidence that have earned them favour among the greatest international celebrities.

Today, the LOCMAN group is one of the major players in the Italian watch industry. The mother company is LOCMAN Spa, which has headquarters in Tuscany, on the island of Elba, and a network of offices spread between Florence, Milan and New York.
The heart of LOCMAN watches beats in Elba, where ideas are born and technical and commercial strategies are developed. The other production phases take place in Milan, within the Genesi industrial facility, considered to be the most efficient and modern laboratory in the Italian watch business. Meanwhile, the communication strategy and relations with the mass media are handled by Marchio Giallo, the Locman Group’s in-house advertising agency.

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Country Italy
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +39 0565.979003
Fax +39 0565.979707
Date of foundation 1986
Type of Company Private


Piazza G. da Verrazzano, 7 - 57034 Marina di Campo, ISOLA D'ELBA (LI), ITALY

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