Company Leu Locati Srl
Country Italy
Telephone n.a.
Market Segment Luxury
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Leu Locati Financial Report


Leu Locati Srl Financial Report 2019

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Luigi Locati



Officially established in 1908, Leu Locati starts producing purses for the upper-class ladies, strongly influenced by the Austrian taste of the period. Suddenly the brand is well-recognized for its petit point embroidery then improved by introducing the mesh in the 1920s, an exclusive metal fabric made of copper threads covered with gold and silver.
During all the 20th century, Leu Locati stands out for creating beautiful high quality goods, not only purses, but also belts, travel bags and, during the First World War, saddlebags and gun chargers.

Right after the war period, the first contacts with the Japanese market begin, extending to American and Russian markets in 1990s.

Nowadays the brand is still focusing on the leather goods, including a shoes collection.

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Leu Locati Srl profile

Name Leu Locati Srl
Country Italy
VAT Number 03664510157
Telephone n.a.
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 1908
Type of Company Private


Ownership (Top Shareholders)

Flavia Fumagalli: 90.5%
Paolo Amato: 9.5%

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