Company The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
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La Mer Financial Report 2018


The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. Financial Report

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The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. Annual Report

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Dr. Max Huber



La Mer joined The Estée Lauder Companies' family of brands in 1995. Sold in more than 50 countries and territories, La Mer represents supreme luxury and transformative, high-performance skincare. Crème de la Mer, one of the most innovative and sought-after moisturizers, was conceived by Dr. Max Huber, an aerospace physicist, after he suffered a laboratory accident that severely burned his face. Formulated with sea kelp and a pioneering bio-fermentation process, the Crème miraculously transformed the appearance of Dr. Huber's skin. Since then, it has evolved into what can only be described as a legend. Today, La Mer offers a complete range of facial skin care and body products—all harnessing the remarkable benefits of the sea.

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Name The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
Country United States
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Telephone +1 212-572-4200
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 1946
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767 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10153

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La Mer Latest News

La Mer’s The Concentrate Got An Update & It’s Now Even More Worthy Of A Splurge
Chrissy Teigen paraded her impossibly glowy complexion around for long enough before doing the public service of broadcasting her million-dollar skincare regime to the social media ether. Predictably, the big reveal included La Mer's Crème de la Mer and The Concentrate, a celebrity-touted barrier serum which just got a very timely update.

The brand's luxe pollution defense potion is a longtime A-lister favorite, cherished by the likes of Emma Stone, Sienna Miller, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, so it's no surprise the model credits it — among an iS Clinical cleanser, Control Corrective SPF, and Bioré chin and nose strips — for her extraordinarily well-behaved skin.

Not a month after she shouted it out on Instagram, La Mer introduced a new and improved version of The Concentrate that, according to the brand, includes even more antioxidant power thanks to the addition of lime tea concentrate. La Mer calls the ingredient an "antioxidant powerhouse" for its ability to shield against free radicals (you know, the little nasties left behind by environmental stressors).

The cult-classic elixir has undergone other renovations over the years, each time apparently amassing a larger following, but has stayed true to its trusty core formula (namely the anti-inflammatory Miracle Broth that La Mer launched with in 1965).

The brand goes as far as to call it a miracle worker, able to halt aging, deflect against irritants, strengthen the skin's natural barrier, soothe after exposure to extreme temperatures, and — as a bonus — stand in as a pseudo primer for smooth foundation application. That being said, this so-called miracle worker comes at a price.
New Leadership Appointments at La Mer
At La Mer, Justin Boxford has been promoted to global brand president after three years as global general manager. During his time at the business, La Mer has doubled in size, and in 2018, surpassed $1 billion in net sales. Boxford has led the brand’s growth in fast-growing channels and markets, and expanded La Mer’s consumer base in travel retail and Asia. He’s also championed new products, including The Luminous Lifting Cushion Foundation SPF 20 and The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask.

Before La Mer, Boxford spent more than a decade leading the Estée Lauder brand and Tom Ford Beauty internationally and in Asia-Pacific.

In his expanded role at La Mer, Boxford will work to continue the brand’s growth, while maintaining its luxury brand equity. He will continue to report to Sandra Main, global brand president of Bobbi Brown and La Mer.

“Justin’s extensive luxury beauty experience and global point of view, combined with his expertise in brand building, driving engagement and omnichannel strategies make him uniquely suited to lead La Mer’s next phase of global growth,” Jane Hertzmark Hudis, Lauder group president, said in a statement.


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