Company Swiza SA
Country Switzerland
Telephone +41 (32) 421 94 00
Market Segment Luxury
Core Business Watches

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Swiza SA Financial Report

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Sainte-Suzanne, Besançon


Auguste l’Epée


Team of designers


As a prestigious and historic clock brand, L’Epée enjoys the high reputation of its exclusive Manufacture. Respecting its long tradition, each L’Epée clock is made by experienced watchmakers. Nowadays, its production facilities are integrated in Swiza SA Manufacture.
Respecting closely the long-time tradition, each part of a L’Epée clock is made by hand, by experienced clockmakers. Only top class materials are used, especially polished brass which gives the clock its shine and weight, as well as bevelled glass. The beauty of L’Epée clocks is enhanced by highly polished cases and dials, lacquer adornments and stained glass sides. Each clock is protected by a varnish, contributing to its great look with a gold or rhodium coating.

L’Epée Clocks are equipped with beautiful mechanical movements which can be viewed through the glass sides and tops. All parts of the movement are polished and coated with the exception of the steel parts.

A L’Epée Clock contains up to 300 parts in solid brass or steel, requiring 2000 manufacturing process. No wonder, the clockmakers are highly qualified craftsmen producing outstanding masterpieces of traditional Swiss clockmaking art.

L’Epée is more than ever active on top-quality mechanical movements stemming from a close alliance between its own hand-crafted production methods and the most advanced manufacturing techniques.

Respecting its long tradition of craftmanship and the Arts and passion placed in the realisation of a l'Epée clock, l'Epée has decided to open the door of its fully integrated Manufacture site through the following pages.

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Name Swiza SA
Country Switzerland
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +41 (32) 421 94 00
Fax +41 (32) 422 82 71
Date of foundation 1904
Type of Company Private


Rue St Maurice 1 2800 Delémont

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