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Kotur Ltd Financial Report

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New York
United States


Fiona Kotur Marin

Head Designer

Fiona Kotur Marin
2004 - current


Founded by Fiona Kotur in 2004, KOTUR is about bridging the gap between modern technique and traditional craftsmanship.

Our collections are comprised mainly of minaudieres and clutches, and we feel humbled every time we see one walk the Red Carpet, usually on the arm of a gorgeous starlet - we often quip that our little bags get out more than we do.

Not one to discriminate, the collection also offers larger bags like the classic Wallace and Mortimer which, thrillingly, have made appearances on our favorite shows, Gossip Girl and Lipstick Jungle, and have been carried by editors, including style doyen Andre Leon Talley, whose oversized custom Wallace accompanied him throughout New York Fashion Week.

Our bags are named after our Muses- women to whom we aspire, and who inspire our thought and imagination. Usually they are our personal friends, and each month we feature one of these Muses in our blog.

We love high-low, and feel that this is the best way to shop, dress, and structure your life, and live it to its fullest. We believe in offering bags in every collection in a wide range of prices, from around $300 to $3000, so we’re suggesting a select variety of styles with a KOTUR point of view for our customers’ chic, modern lifestyle.

So much of what we do, and what KOTUR is about, comes from the sense of discovery. Our relationships with creative sources, and with our inspiring customers, endlessly surprise and inspire us. With our customers especially, we love when they let us respond to not just what they need, but what they fancy…

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Name Kotur Ltd
Country Hong Kong
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Date of foundation 2004
Type of Company Private


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