Company Kira Plastinina Style, Ltd.
Country Russia
Email n.a.
Telephone +7 495 725 22 75
Market Segment Mass Market
Core Business Apparel

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Kira Plastinina Style, Ltd. Financial Report

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Kira Sergeyevna Plastinina

Head Designer

Kira Sergeyevna Plastinina
2007 - Present


Kira Plastinina is a young and talented fashion designer from Russia. Although she is only 20 years old, Kira has worked in the fashion industry for over six years, after opening her brand shop in Moscow at the age of 14.

Kira's story is remarkable by any standard. She entered the fashion world following her love of drawing. As a child, drawing was her favorite hobby and she draw mainly princesses with fancy gowns. Over time, Kira realized that most of the pleasure and inspiration came from drawing the dresses, not the princesses. Every dress won her special treatment and she saw great importance in emphasizing the uniqueness of each garment. As the years went by, Kira felt a growing attraction for designing dresses and she started to learn sewing, in order to make the sketches into something real and tangible. She discovered that she had a natural talent and although she could not put into words, it was clear that she was destined to be a fashion designer.

Kira has gained precious experience over the years and much of her success can be attributed to the fact that when she designs a new outfit, she thinks first and foremost about herself and what she would like to wear. According to Kira, almost all the outfits in her closet were designed and sewn by her.
Kira's story is unique because from an early age she had a lot of support from her family, and especially from her father, who funded her own fashion line, at the age of 14. The road to completing the line was bumpy and tumultuous, but the enthusiastic responses to her designs convinced Kira that the hard work had paid off in the end.

After the success of the first brand shop in Moscow, which opened in 2007, Kira opened over 100 more shops in the United States, China, the Philippines, Ukraine and other countries. Today, "Kira Plastinina" is a desirable fashion brand all over the world and her apparel can be purchased even in countries which lack brand shops, such as England and Italy.

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Name Kira Plastinina Style, Ltd.
Country Russia
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone n.a.
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 2007
Type of Company Private


127591 Dmitrovskoye Shosso House 108 Office 311A Moscow

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