Company Jockey International, Inc.
Country United States
Email n.a.
Telephone +1 262-658-8111
Market Segment Mass Market
Core Business Underwear & Lingerie

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United States


Samuel Thrall Cooper


Carlos Diez
1963 - current
Volker Goerhardt
1963 - current


For more than 130 years, Jockey’s mission has been to satisfy the human need for comfort, so everything we do at Jockey, we do with you in mind. We hope you like our stuff, but more importantly, we hope you like how you feel when you wear our stuff.

Too many ads today are telling us to be sexy, rich, mysterious, sad, aloof … When did apathy become hip?
We’re not buying it.

At Jockey, we’ll never tell you how to look or what to be. Life’s complex enough without worrying about what everyone else thinks about you.

We much prefer friendly, happy people who are living honestly, being true to themselves, and having a great time doing it.

Today, Jockey products are available in more than 120 countries, so no matter where you live, Jockey’s got you covered.

Business Strategy

Market Positioning

Mass Market

Core Business

Underwear & Lingerie



Product Categories

Active Wear
Underwear & Lingerie

Jockey International, Inc. profile

Name Jockey International, Inc.
Country United States
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +1 262-658-8111
Fax +1 262-658-1812
Date of foundation 1876
Type of Company Private


2300 60th Street Kenosha, WI 53141-1417

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