Company Serius Equity LLP/Stirling Square Capital Partners LLP (co-ownership)
Country Italy
Telephone +39 051 69 34 011
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Core Business Apparel

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Serius Equity LLP/Stirling Square Capital Partners LLP (co-ownership) Financial Report

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Jeckerson was born as a business idea, soon turned into an entrepreneurial challenge which resulted into a marketing success. The brand and original product first became visible in 1995 on golf courses, where the founder-entrepreneur - a talented, passionate player - launched trousers for golfers with leather and suede patches sewn on the thighs.
The initial functionality of the patches (a quick wipe of hands on the patches helped keep hands dry before a golf swing) rapidly led to the establishment of Jeckerson trousers as iconic products known for their distinctive image, construction and fit.
Initially informal products soon gave rise to complete casual collections, with the brand Jeckerson thriving on inspiration from the British tradition, including its colours and humor, as well as its heritage elite sports ranging from golf to equestrian to sailing - activities that polarize around warm, gentlemanly and elegant club house environments rather than physical exhaustion and duress.
It was the combination of this positioning and its original products that helped Jeckerson become Italy's leading brand in chic casual wear worn by discerning customers in the country and in urban environments.
Realized in selected, "Made in Italy" only textiles and distinguished by outstanding quality, construction and fit - all regarded as unique features of Jeckerson - the brand today straddles three ready-to-wear collections (Men's, Women's and Kid's).
On 16 May 2008 Jeckerson was acquired via a management buy-out by pan-European private equity fund Stirling Square Capital Partners (SSCP) and Sirius Equity, the investor specialized in luxury goods and retail.

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Name Serius Equity LLP/Stirling Square Capital Partners LLP (co-ownership)
Country United Kingdom
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone + 44 (0) 20 7808 4130
Fax + 44 (0) 20 7808 4131
Date of foundation 1995
Type of Company Private


35 Westgate/127-131 Sloane Street Huddersfield/London, West Yorkshire/Greater London HD1 1PA/SW1X 9AS United Kingdom

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