Company Valdermar Iodice
Country Brazil
Telephone +55 11 3813 2622
Market Segment Bridge
Core Business Apparel

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Valdermar Iodice Financial Report

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Sao Paolo


Valdemar Iodice

Head Designer

Valdemar Iodice
1987 - current


Valdemar Iodice first showed love for fashion in his early days. As a child, he would watch his mother cutting and transforming clothes. He soon got involved with the family’s clothing manufacture, following the steps of his Italian antecessors and learning technical aspects of creation and manufacturing.
The interest for the activity increased over the years and Valdemar iodice launched his own brand in 1987. Since then, his creations have gained market share and the business became a large fashion company.
Nowadays Iodice, one of the most important Brazilian designer brands, is internationally known and stands out for the attention given to the collection development, design of pieces and also for the craftwork sophistication.
This is partially due to the perfectionist and demanding profile of the stylist, who gets involved with each step of the collection creation.
The stylist is aware of everything that surrounds him. He uses his intuition to search for the unknown, and also for inspirational icons, creating a universe made of sensations, traditions and different cultures. For the stylist, working with fashion means connection to the world and to people’s attitudes. Therefore, his design targets a strong, cosmopolitan woman, who is extremely feminine and confident. It also targets the contemporary man, who knows what he wants and dresses in an elegant, causal way.
Throughout his career, Valdemar Iódice has added sophistication and value to the country’s fashion culture and has found a way to express the fun Brazilian lifestyle in a smooth and sensual manner.

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Name Valdermar Iodice
Country Brazil
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +55 11 3813 2622
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 1987
Type of Company Private


940-Oscar Freire St. Jardins Sao Paolo

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