Company Il Bernardo
Country Turkey
Telephone +39 0444 960636
Market Segment Premium
Core Business Jewelry

Il Bernardo Financial Report


Il Bernardo Financial Report

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In the age of freedom that began with the Renaissance era, people started to question certain things as their desire to create grew and, simultaneously, their outlook on art changed. In this era, many art movements came about and advancements were made on the existing ones. The jewelry industry also made great leaps during this time.

The first jewelry ateliers were set up in this era, with jewelry production passed down from generation to generation. The first examples of rare pieces that began to be produced by special orders were designed in Italy. Certain brands working with this system managed to remain active in the present day, and the art of Italian jewelry making exhibited in the small rooms and between the walls of ateliers decorated in the classic Renaissance style continues to survive with the same tradition.

The Koç family that’s been active in the jewelry industry for three generations also sought not to tamper with this tradition, making a name for itself by adding craftsmanship and developing technology to one-of-a-kind jewels. Inspired by the unique design spirit that’s still alive in Italy, the family started its own atelier, aiming to open up to the global market over time. The family then incorporated different designers and ateliers to establish the Il Bernardo brand in 2000.

In keeping with the goal of taking on a global market, the family opened up a showroom and store in Istanbul, the heart of the Turkish jewelry industry that serves as a bridge to the Balkans, Russia, Turkic Republics and the Middle Eastern market. The family has made a name for itself by marketing its products manufactured in Italy to such large and important markets. Over time, it’s opened over 600 sales points across the world.

Il Bernardo aims to add new products to its existing designs in 2013; in addition to gold products, the brand seeks to create exclusively designed diamond jewelry to increase its number of distributors across Turkey. With the aim to have a boutique concept in the near future, the brand has started to open up shops in malls across Turkey, primarily in Istanbul. The brand is also taking on larger goals when it comes to exportation and seeks to take on western markets after opening up to the Russian market.

Il Bernardo will soon continue to offer the brilliance and Italian flair in the elegant details of gold, diamonds and precious jewels – which have been indispensible accessories for women for hundreds of years – in concept stores.

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Name Il Bernardo
Country Turkey
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +90 212 527 5107
Fax +90 212 512 2870
Date of foundation 2000
Type of Company Private


Molla Fenari Mah. Vezirhan Cad. No: 37-39 Çemberlitaş / Istanbul

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