Company DK Company A/S
Country Denmark
Telephone +45 97410415
Market Segment Bridge
Core Business Apparel

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DK Company A/S Financial Report 2021

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Total Revenue

It includes the overall revenue of the company, considering not only the sales of finished goods, but all of the sources of the company income.

Operating Margin

Also known as ROS - Return on Sales, it measures the percentage of sales revenue that gets 'returned' to the company as net profits after all the related costs of the activity are deducted. The figure is about the latest fiscal year available.

Net Profitability

It's a measure of a company's overall profitability, i.e. how much of its sales are converting to profit. The value given is the amount of sales needed to generate one currency unit of post tax profit. Negative values mean that the company has a negative level of post tax profit. The figure is about the latest fiscal year available.

Profit Ratio

It's a key measure of success. The profit ratio measures the amount of profit generated by each single currency unit of sales. The figure is about the latest fiscal year available.

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Sanne Sehested Nielsen
Lene Boesen


Team of designers


Gestuz is inspired by backstage rock n' roll life but with a hint of elegance and sweetness .This complimented by strong and cutting edge print stories and through a small selection of handcrafted, eye-catching pieces you get a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Within Gestuz there is a whole univers to be found. This is not only created by the products, but also through the attitude that follows. When wearing Gestuz you express individuality, playfulness, rawness and strength. Gestuz fits every state of mind. If you feel like being outrageous, sexy, ladylike or merely unique in your own personal sense.

Gestuz has a mission that is to let the consumer discover its own personal style. This is done by creating styles that express the moment while at the same time allowing for fair prices. This creates diversity within the Gestuz universe, which is important since Gestuz is not aimed to fit just one personality.

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DK Company A/S profile

Name DK Company A/S
Country Denmark
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +45 96 600 700
Fax +45 96 600 710
Date of foundation 2007
Type of Company Private


La Cours Vej 6 DK- 7430 Ikast

Ownership (Top Shareholders)

DK Company A/S doesn't provide the information on its shareholders.

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