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Franco Ferraro Financial Report


Child srl Financial Report 2020

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Franco Ferraro


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Franco Ferraro joined in 1965 Lanerie Agnona, the famous Italian ladies' fabric maker of Ermenegildo Zegna group, gaining in nine years valuable experience and contributing personally to the growth of the company.
Feeling the need to move towards another type of creativeness, and to meet new and exciting challenges, he founded his own company in 1974 calling it Child, a combination of the first few letters of the names of his children Chiara, Ilaria and Davide. The first years were spent chiefly manufacturing the lines of famous French couturiers such Givenchy and Dior, and of few top Italian designers.

Then he decided to design and produce his own line of women’s pret-a-porter “Franco Ferraro” which is characterized by its special, natural fabrics: merinos wool, cashmere, alpaca, mohair, cotton, as well as printed jacquard silks often enhanced with embroidery.
In 1985 he launched his men’s collections, “Franco Ferraro Uomo”, both classic and casual wear, exhibiting it for many years at Pitti Uomo in Florence. In 1994 Franco Ferraro was the prize-winner of "Disegno Europa” award in Mexico City.

In 2001 he designed the new flying uniforms for Saudi Arabian Airlines. He has now 30 boutiques with his name in prestigious Department Stores in Japan and 45 in Korea. All family is working in Child company: the wife Laura is taking care of production; Ilaria, one daughter, is charged with administration; Chiara, the other daughter, is helping the father in designing and the son Davide is marketing manager. Franco Ferraro has signed, mainly in Far East, several consultancy agreements and licenses concerning textiles and fashion collections, including accessories.

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Name Child srl
Country Italy
VAT Number 00265770024
Telephone +39 0163 459315
Fax +39 0163 459083
Date of foundation 1974
Type of Company Private


13037 - Serravalle Sesia (VC) - ITALY - Via alla Barca, 18

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