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Country Italy
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Francesco Ballestrazzi Hats & Creations Financial Report

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Francesco Ballestrazzi Financial Report

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Francesco Ballestrazzi

Head Designer

Francesco Ballestrazzi
2011 - current


Francesco Ballestrazzi Hats & Creations was born in September 2011, from an idea of the designer himself to launch an exclusive brand of artistic headpieces that go behind the hat concept. Francesco uses the head surface as a base on which he builds an extension of the person who will wear the hat. All his work is based on the hand made concept using traditional millinery techniques.
Everything starts from his hands trought his experience, and bring us to an artisanal touch projected into the future, experimenting in every collection new challenges.
Because of its artigianality and for the high level material, his product is positioned in luxury boutiques where the customer can find and appreciate unique pieces and understand the work behind every single piece.
Since his last two collections Francesco , understanding the needs of the marketing ,launch a more “basic” line , to bring a more selleble touch.

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Name Francesco Ballestrazzi
Country Italy
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone n.a.
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 2011
Type of Company Private


Via della Spiga 2, 20121 Milano

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