Company Eve Group
Country China
Email n.a.
Telephone +86 010 63702255
Market Segment Premium
Core Business Apparel

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Eve Group Financial Report

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Born in 2011, EVE de CINA contains the accumulation of Chinese culture. It is the grafting of traditional civilization and contemporary life as well as the intersection of East and West. EVE de CINA is committed to inherit the China spirit, spread the world trend, express international new fashion, and build new concept fashion.
EVE de CINA reshapes Chinese traditional culture with an international fashion vision. It is the craftsmanship treasure in China even in the world, also the perfect expression for Chinese men’s temperament. With neither the typical Chinese style clothing profile nor conspicuously carved dragon embroidered phoenix patterns, EVE de CINA is filled with strong classical flavor and makes people immerse in the classic style it presents. Each of the cloths of EVE de CINA is showing the strong modern fashion taste, but reflecting a Chinese subtle charm from the bottom of heart after careful savory.
The essence of Chinese moral is qi, which connects heaven and the earth, exits in the universe. The “Chinese qi” as a natural being in blood and soul, together with the fashion temperament, it interprets the Chinese moral in a subtle and incisive way. Blending of innovation and tradition, spanning between the primitive history and future fashion, this is the wonderful hand craftsmanship of EVE de CINA.

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Name Eve Group
Country China
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +86 010 63702255
Fax +86 010 63702516
Date of foundation 1994
Type of Company Private


EVE Group Building, No. 1 Block 3, Headquarter Base, No. 188 West Road of the 4th Ring, Southwest of Fengtai District, Beijing

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