Company Ernest Borel SA
Country Switzerland
Telephone +41 (0)32 926 17 26
Market Segment Premium
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Ernest Borel Financial Report


Ernest Borel SA Financial Report

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Jules Borel
Paul Courvoisier


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The profoundly romantic image, which Ernest Borel so elegantly associated with the brand at the beginning of the 1900’s, is so well anchored in clients’ minds that it has become the inescapable signature of Ernest Borel watches. The romance uniting two loving hearts to the rythme of dance steps, the romantic themes of love and friendship, linked to the passing of time, punctuate the history and life of Ernest Borel watches. Admittedly, times and styles change, techniques evolve, and Ernest Borel, installed in its new headquarters in Le Noirmont since 2009, in the very heart of the Franches mountains in the canton of Jura, Switzerland, follows these evolutions of time and fashion in order to always meet the desires of its clientele.

All materials and parts are carefully inspected at every step in the manufacturing process to ensure that each element is perfect. Every movement is meticulously inspected and must meet stringent requirements. The watch case fitting is submitted to special tests to ensure pressure resistance in order to guarantee watertightness. Every Ernest Borel watch is checked according to strict procedures before being commercialised.

Depositing the beauty of time and the delivery of a cultural treasure along with continual efforts of three generations, Ernest Borel has consistently followed the initial spirit of the enterprise and the belief of creating perfection. Not only is it very meaningful for the clock/watch industry, but it also provides an unchangeable life-style for those who pursue perfection, fashion and romance.

As an agent delivering the beauty of time and cultural treasures, Ernest Borel has, over the course of more than a century and a half, perpetuated the initial spirit of the company based upon a belief in perfection which was dear to its founders. This approach is very significant in relation to the Swiss watchmaking tradition and also aims to satisfy a lifestyle that is inalterable in its beauty for a clientele that strives for this kind of perfection, yet also for the beauty of fashion and the romantic side of life.

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Name Ernest Borel SA
Country Switzerland
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +41 32 926 17 26
Fax +41 32 926 17 29
Date of foundation 1856
Type of Company Private


Rue des Perrières 8 Case Postale 234 2340 Le Noirmont

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