Company Matilda 1868 Srl
Country Italy
Telephone +39 0584 969660
Market Segment Value for Money
Core Business Beauty

Erbario Toscano Financial Report


Matilda 1868 Srl Financial Report 2021

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Capezzano Pianore





L'Erbario Toscano was born over 40 years ago in a magical scene in Tuscany, Italy. Nestled between the rolling olive grove covered hills and the Versilia sea, the first store offered natural olive oil products, finished with refined and unusual packaging all made by hand. The store quickly became an exciting point of attraction for locals and visitors alike.

Today, L'Erbario Toscano continues to reference the colours, scents and sensations of Tuscany through the creation of exquisite bath, body and lifestyle products. The collections have been featured in the world's most prestigious retail locations such as:

Saks Fifth Avenue (New York) ,Bloomingdale's (New York),House of Fraser and Liberty (London) and Felissimo (Japan).

In addition to these retailers, you can find L’Erbario Toscano products in numerous boutiques in Italy, the USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Aruba, Denmark, Norway, Venezuela, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand. The brand also creates special courtesy lines for many of The Leading Hotels of the World.

L'Erbario Toscano continues to defy many modern rules of cosmetics. In an age of synthetic products, L'Erbario Toscano is all-natural and not tested on animals. In a time of factory automation, all L'Erbario Toscano products remain hand made, complete with signature tied rope and seal. Finally, when most other manufacturers look to aggressively expand distribution, L'Erbario Toscano hand picks each and every stockist to ensure that the best quality customer experience is delivered, similar to the very first store in Tuscany.

Suspended halfway between art and beauty, each L'Erbario Toscano creation makes an exquisite gift for someone special, or for yourself.

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Product Categories

Body Care
Hair Care
Skin Care

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Name Matilda 1868 Srl
Country Italy
VAT Number 02157120466
Telephone +39 0584 969660
Fax +39 0584 969598
Date of foundation n.a.
Type of Company Private


Via Dei Ghivizzani 61, 55040 Capezzano Pianore, Lucca

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Matilda 1868 Srl doesn't provide the information on its shareholders.

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