Company Eberhard & Co
Country Switzerland
Telephone +41 032 342 51 41
Market Segment Luxury
Core Business Watches

Eberhard & Co Financial Report


Eberhard & Co Financial Report

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La Chaux-de-Fonds


George-Emile Eberhard


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Founded at La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1887, the Maison Suisse d'Horlogerie Eberhard & Co. does not only look back to a history of well over 100 years; its name has also stood its ground ever since as a synonym for tradition, commitment and innovation.

The success of its brand name has pervaded the entire 20th century like a thin red line. 1919 saw the arrival of the most advanced wristwatch chronograph of its time, 1930 gave birth to the first automatic watch, and in 1935 the company issued a then totally unprecedented chronograph with two pushbuttons. 1939 saw the introduction of the "Rattrapante" chronograph to be followed by the Extra-fort chronograph in the '50s, the introduction of simultaneous date setting in the '60s and the 8 days power reserve in 1997.

Collectors could easily continue the list by quoting any number of fascinating new mechanisms and unique shapes, all of which have marked a long epoch in the art of watchmaking. However, more than this, the name of "Maison Eberhard" has, right from the outset and in its own particular way, reflected the world of sports and the great achievements of so many great personalities. Back in the '30s, Officers of the Italian Royal Navy used to wear chronographs by Eberhard & Co. on their wrists, and its Chronomaster "Frecce Tricolori" has attended all of the flights of the world's most famous aerobatics echelon since 1984. Sure enough, too, the account must also include a collection dedicated to the legendary car-racing champion: Tazio Nuvolari.

In recent times, the programme has been expanded by the 8 DAYS which thanks to a special device needs to be wound up only once a week, and the Extra-fort, a re-edition of a chronograph which in the '50s was typical of a whole epoch. And in the new millennium, Eberhard & Co. is revolutionizing chronograph read-off with the Chrono 4.

In the antique touch of its pocket watches, in the uniqueness of its sportive models and in the precious elegance of its dress watches, Eberhard & Co. has time and again reiterated the company's pride in its traditional credo: the value of the human being and its possibilities to choose.

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Name Eberhard & Co
Country Switzerland
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +41 032 342 51 41
Fax +41 032 341 02 94
Date of foundation 1865
Type of Company Private


Rue du Manège 5 CH 2500 Bienne 3

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