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DOUUOD Kids Financial Report


BLU SRL Financial Report 2020

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Patrizia Boscherini
Elisabetta Mambelli

Head Designer

Elisabetta Mambelli
2006 - Present


DOUUOD was founded in 2006 by the passion for fashion of Patrizia Boscherini and Elisabetta Mambelli. Great dedication, combined with a deep and careful research, become the main features of the collections DOUUOD.
DOUUOD is born as a 0/14 childrenswear collection, almost immediately joined by a capsule collection dedicated to mothers. A single practical and comfortable style that does not lose sight of elegance. A constantly growing reality, dedicated to the pursuit of beauty in each detail, in order to make each piece unique and special. Sweatshirts, jersey, ribs, batiste, but also knitting, cashmere, denim and silk are strictly Made in Italy, as well as the manufacturing. After the opening of the first flagship store in Milano Marittima in 2006, the brand continues its path with the opening of three more flagship stores: Cesena and Bologna in 2007 and Riccione last June. On February 2011, the first flagship store entirely dedicated to womenswear was opened in Milano Marittima. In addition to the 4 flagship stores, DOUUOD is distributed in the best multi-brand shops in Italy and worldwide.
The woman DOUUOD collection, born as “mummy of the child DOUUOD”, is grown, season by season, till to reach one’s force and importance. The taste is the typical taste of DOUUOD: simple, easy, daily. Next to daily and practical dresses, there are precious dresses with a special allure, for the evening and cocktail. The fabrics are always faithful to the brand image of DOUUOD: soft sweat, versatile jersey, knitwear, silk, cotton batiste for caftano, dresses. The new for the Spring/Summer 2011 season is the suede, used for short bermuda and dust coat. The colours are always delicate and powdery, but for this season we have inserted some spot of colours: geranium, petal, aqua green that mix with the classical DOUUOD colours: grey, blackboard black, champagne, white, taupe.

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Country Italy
VAT Number 02133930392
Telephone +39 0544 993 099
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 2006
Type of Company Private


Viale Corsica, 23 48015 Milano Marittima (RA) Emilia Romagna

Ownership (Top Shareholders)

Elisabetta Mambelli: 75%
Cesena Energia Srl: 25%

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