Company Diego di Diego Mazzi & C. s.n.c.
Country Italy
Telephone +39 045 64 71 166
Market Segment Premium
Core Business Apparel

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Diego di Diego Mazzi & C. s.n.c. Financial Report

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Diego Mazzi
Manuela Bortolameolli

Head Designer

Diego Mazzi
2003 - Present


Diego Mazzi has lived and “breathed” fashion for thirty years. With the ability of a great trendsetter and musician’s acute sensitivity, he pinpoints and explores new directions in fashion, adapting them to modern tastes. A talented trader and also skilled at anticipating trends, by the early 1980′s he was already starting to nurture the idea that was to take him to the top of the world fashion business: the idea was to reinvent the concept of outerwear, enhancing it with fashion details and contemporary influence, adding colors, fabrics, new lines and a new kind of wearability to cater for customers with a keen eye for changing trends, while keeping one step ahead of changing tastes with innovative ideas. In the year 2003 the brand DIEGO M comes to life and portrays, through its name, the complicity that has always characterized the couple formed by Diego Mazzi and his wife Manuela Bortolameolli (she’s the M of the brand).

The style center in Lazise, on the banks of Lake Garda, a few km from the Centre of Verona, is the home of all the DIEGO M collections, an exquisite assortment of clothing that conveys a new concept in contemporary outerwear made for the sophisticated customer who can really appreciate the elaborate creative work that goes into each garment, in accordance with the best culture and tradition of Made in Italy.

Every idea from DIEGO M is presented with eclectic flair, it’s elegant and eminently wearable, some garments are reversible and can be mixed and matched to create a magical blend of luxury and sportswear. The continuous search for tailoring of the highest quality and skilfully crafted to “blow” life into fabrics and leathers and the right mood, communicates the high quality of the creations branded DIEGO M and gives a company image that, thanks to the care of each small details by Diego’s wife Manuela, represent the unique style of the company.

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Diego di Diego Mazzi & C. s.n.c. profile

Name Diego di Diego Mazzi & C. s.n.c.
Country Italy
VAT Number 03341000234
Telephone +39 045 64 71 166
Fax +39 045-75 80 827
Date of foundation 2003
Type of Company Private


Via Verona, 41 37017 Lazise (Verona)

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