Company Deborah Group Spa
Country Italy
Telephone +39 02 550211
Market Segment Mass Market
Core Business Beauty

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Deborah Group Spa Financial Report

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The leading name in Italian cosmetics, Deborah Group cherishes the belief that beauty should be a pleasure for all women.
The Group's roots date back to the turn of the 20th century, acquiring extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector. The brand's international popularity first blossomed in the 1930s, with Diadermine, the favourite beauty cream of the era's screen goddesses.

Relentless monitoring of fashion trends, rigorous research and the adoption of the most advanced technologies: this is the secret behind the company's steady stream of innovative, superior quality cosmetic products.

The versatility of Group’s range reveals itself in different cosmetic areas, moving deftly among make-up and skin care:
Deborah Milano, since 1962 specializes in make-up and kits. Design, glamour and Made In Italy are the elements that characterize Deborah Milano.
Deborah Milano extension linea: Deborah Bioetyc, the skin care brand with totally natural formulas which guarantee scientifically tested results. Deborah Nailspace is the range of professional products for nails
Dermolab, the new face treatment line formulated with patented active ingredients that actually lower the biological age of skin.
Debby, the play&dream make-up range for today’s spunky and talented teens, and Rouge Baiser, the historical make-up brand founded in 1927. René Gruau created the logo of the "Femme au Bandeau" which continues to be the renowned symbol of the brand. This refined brand is aimed at sophisticated, elegant women.
HC-High Tech Cosmetics completes the Deborah Group portfolio, the brand unites high technology formulas with extraordinary proved product performances, in terms of visible results and in terms of time.

A family business from the start, now at the forth generation, the Group is now present in over 50 Countries and boasts a widespread distribution in Europe running its own operations in Italy (Deborah Italia) and Spain (Deborah Iberica).

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Name Deborah Group Spa
Country France
VAT Number PIVA IT00727320152
Telephone +39 02 550211
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 1903
Type of Company Private


Via Angelo Maj 19 20135 Milano

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