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Bolton Group International Ltd Financial Report

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eing initially one of the units of Zambeletti S.p.A.fpharmaceutical company, Collistar cosmetics brand has become a Number One not only at home, but also has gained recognition worldwide. As a supplier of professional skin, body and hair care products as well as decorative cosmetics in 40 countries, the company is based on such important principles of operation as advanced technology, serious cosmetic, dermatological and ophthalmic research and strict quality control. All these are made possible thanks to a number of laboratories led by the stars of chemistry, microbiology, and cosmetology. Collistar achievements in preserving youth and general skin care have entered the history of cosmetology forever. For example, in 1983 the company was the first to develop a cosmetic product in separate capsules and became a pioneer in the development of the compact bronzer powder formula. As to the "hard cream" developed in 1990, it has even been exhibited at the Leonardo da Vinci Science and Technology Museum. Released in the same year, " tanning water " has also received a number of awards for its innovative formula. Among the Collistar inventions there is also the world's first anti-cellulite Spray (1996) and the first filler, cosmetic wrinkle filler (2003).

Collistar has been developing by remaining always faithful to its own philosophy, able to combi- ne a particular series of key factors:
• Products combining a high innovation rate with the highest quality.
• Avant-garde formulas, result of the most advanced cosmetic-dermatological research.
• 100% made in Italy.
• Absolutely competitive prices for the Perfumery market.

Thanks to this philosophy, remained unaltered for 30 years, the firm became a "case history" in the cosmetic world.

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Body Care
Hair Care
Man Care
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Name Bolton Group International Ltd
Country Bermuda
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +1 60 328981366
Fax +1 60 326927707
Date of foundation 1949
Type of Company Private


Cedar House, 41 Cedar Ave HAMILTONHM 12

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