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Aidan Industries, Llc. Financial Report

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New York
United States


Catherine Malandrino

Head Designer

Catherine Malandrino
2001 - Present


For the last ten years, Catherine Malandrino has become a face that embodies femininity and strength. Bridging the style of Paris, the romance of Provence and the energy of New York City, the Catherine Malandrino voice is embraced by women of style, all around the world.Born in Grenoble, in the French Alps, Catherine Malandrino had ambitions to be a global luxury designer from a very young age, sketching dresses as a child. She began her professional career in Paris after graduating from Esmod. Subsequently, she worked in the fashion houses of Dorothée Bis, Louis Féraud, Emanuel Ungaro, and in the 1990s, was the creative force at the French label ‘Et Vous’. Ms. Malandrino pursued her childhood dreams in Paris couture houses until 1997, when she met her business partner, Bernard Aidan, and followed her heart to New York City. After relaunching the Diane von Furstenberg collection, she and Mr. Aidan started their own labels, the Catherine Malandrino Collection and the Catherine Malandrino Limited Edition.Ms. Malandrino has been described in the French press as the most photographed French woman in America after the Statue of Liberty. She arrived on the fashion scene with the idea of blending philosophies - the romance and elegance of Paris with the energy of Manhattan, as well as the couture of France and the casualness of the U.S. As a French designer in New York, Ms. Malandrino has a universal appeal. Her vision for her designer clothes is summarized in the following quote: “I want to bring softness and refinement to an urban, feminine wardrobe and to help the woman show her character and individuality through her unique clothes.” She channels her energy into poetic designs that encourage women to express their personality. With unique craftsmanship, color palette, and innovative draping skills, she conveys a timeless femininity and “joie de vivre” that Ms. Malandrino values in her own life. Infusing this idea with a youthful spirit, Ms. Malandrino delivers a chic, feminine, and recognizable silhouette.She began her love story with America when she presented the iconic “Flag” collection in 2001. The collection featured flowing dresses and jagged T-shirts, all printed with the stars and stripes of the U.S. flag. These pieces represented her idea of the American dream – Easy Rider and vast spaces. Her irresistible combination of patriotism, audacity, and femininity was acclaimed by the media. Shortly after the collection premiered, Ms. Malandrino received a call from Madonna’s stylist – a clear sign that the nascent fashion designer had arrived. That same year, she abolished boundaries, presenting her “Hallelujah” collection in the renowned New York City landmark The Apollo Theater in Harlem. She drew inspiration from women performing in church, wearing their most intricate adornments to sing about their devotion. The collection emphasized her ability to mix genres while still maintaining a unified design sensibility.In 2002, HBO TV sensation “Sex and the City” featured Ms. Malandrino’s Soho boutique in an episode and the following day, the line outside of the store blocked the sidewalk. Since then, she has continued to show the world the strength of femininity and that clothes are a means for women to unveil their individuality. Constantly inspired by her global travels, Ms. Malandrino has the rare ability to combine opposing concepts into one harmonious and timeless piece.Ms. Malandrino has consistently launched new collections to rave reviews and captured the attention and devotion of numerous celebrities, including Madonna, Mary J. Blige, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, and Elizabeth Hurley. In 2005, Ms. Malandrino debuted the high end Malandrino brand, a complete women’s luxury designer collection with exclusive distribution through her Company’s stores, consisting of luxury gowns, furs, and accessories. The collection is composed of refined pieces with exceptional craftsmanship and distinguished materials, each of which reflect Ms. Malandrino’s vision, creativity and elegance. Inspired by tradition and merging it with modernity, her collections never fail to disappoint. The Malandrino woman is timeless, distinct, sophisticated, ultra-feminine, daring and sensual. Ms. Malandrino’s iconic flag dress is on display at FIT’s “Fashion & Politics” exhibit in New York City, and she has served as the guest judge for the full season of Bravo’s “Make Me a Supermodel”. In addition, Ms. Malandrino is consistently sought out by the media and other leading corporations for her opinion on fashion and other aspects of her personal life, as well as to appear in advertisements. For example, in December 2009, she was featured in BMW’s print ad campaign for their new model “Nomad” based on her Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

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Name Aidan Industries, Llc.
Country United States
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +1 212 840 0106
Fax +1 212 840 3630
Date of foundation 1998
Type of Company Private


275 West 39th Street, 3rd Floor 10018-3195, New York (NY)

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