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Beyond Yoga originated from Jodi Guber Brufsky’s commitment to supporting and inspiring women to live passionate, authentic lives, loving who they are inside and out. A yoga-inspired collection of workout and lifestyle clothes, Beyond Yoga is ideal for modern living, from carpool to class, and lounging to lunch. Beyond Yoga means comfort, support and style and believes that confidence is not a size, but a state of mind. Designed for a real woman’s body, only using non-retouched photography and available in sizes XXS to XXL, it fits a variety of body types, shapes and sizes, from petite to curvy. Made with love in the U.S.A., Beyond Yoga is crafted from luxuriously soft, durable, wash-and-wear fabrics. Each piece is meticulously designed and tested to ensure optimal comfort and functionality—from athletic tops that work for different sizes and activities to contoured elastic-free waistbands that prevent uncomfortable digging and won’t roll down. Beyond Yoga promotes a healthy outlook and realistic life perspective. “We encourage women to embrace who they are at this moment, instead of looking to be something or someone they are not already.”

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