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AXEL ARIGATO Financial Report 2018


Axel Arigato AB Financial Report

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In the era of the digital age new trends are emerging every day. Therefore the founders of Axel Arigato wanted to create a new brand that was adapted to this era.

Cutting edge design mixed with a sense of ease and authenticity are reflected in our new styles presented every week. Using the very best materials confirms our passion. We believe that shoes are the way for people to express who they truly are and should be selected before any other part of the outfit.

Creative director Axel has been designing since his teens. He has travelled the world for decades, experiencing different cultures and working in diverse industries. Always drawn to the fashion industry, Axel decided the consumer market was now ready for his vision. It was time start a brand that would bear his name.

Wanting to remain anonymous, Axel started the company together with two business partners, Max Svardh and Albin Johansson. Both have extensive experience within e-commerce and fashion. Axel will focus on creating, and will remain in his hometown of Paris. However, company operations will be headquartered in Sweden

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Name Axel Arigato AB
Country Sweden
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone n.a.
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 2014
Type of Company Private


Drottninggatan 21 411 14 Gothenburg

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Axel Arigato AB doesn't provide the information on its shareholders.

Axel Arigato AB Brands


Carrots Enlists Axel Arigato for Vibrant Capsule Collection
After enlisting Stereo Vinyls for a retro-inspired collection, Carrots returns with a bold new collaboration featuring Swedish sneaker brand Axel Arigato. The pair have reworked a range of staple apparel pieces, as well as Axel Arigato’s classic Clean 90 sneaker, just in time for summer.

Kicking off the collection are a range of zip hoodies, T-shirts and sweatpants in Carrots’ signature bright green and orange colorways. The pieces boast the streetwear brand’s carrot embroidery on the sleeves and gold “Arigato” branding on the fronts and pockets. A rugby top — a staple shape for Carrots — has been updated with contrasting orange and green stripes, creating a seamless color blocking look.

A highlight of the collaborative range includes two variations of the Clean 90 sneaker. Available in green and orange colorways, the sneaker features delicate embroidery of Axel Arigato’s Bee-Eater Bird design. The birds surround the entirety of the smooth leather upper, while contrasting “Carrots” branding emerges from the midsoles. The sneaker’s heel tab, laces and rubber cup sole are all doused in matching green and orange colors for a clean and minimalist look.
Brutalism meets minimalism: in the Copenhagen store of Axel Arigato
Contemporary Swedish footwear and clothing label Axel Arigato is renowned for its boundary-pushing approach to design. Such innovation is reflected in the impressive interior design of the label's massive gallery-like Copenhagen flagship store that opened last year.

Designed by the brand's co-founder Max Svardh in collaboration with renowned architect Christian Halleröd, the retail space is set in a beautiful historical building on the Danish capital's fashionable Pilestræde. It measures 270 sqm across two floors, with a monumental staircase in the center of the store that invites customers up to the first floor, allowing them to browse the art and merchandise exhibited along the way.

Raw concrete features heavily throughout, lending the space a brutalist edge. Bold bursts of color contrast the grey, with striking podiums made of jesmonite dipped in high gloss lacquer acting as sculptures in their own right.

One of the most impressive — and absurd — elements of the space is a life-size buttocks sculpture called the #SilverDerriere, designed in collaboration with artist Kiri-Una Brito Meumann with the intention of fostering human connection.

“I approach our store formats as I design sneakers, the shape of the object comes first, the material is secondary," Svardh explained. “ Our mission has always been to work without boundaries and bridge fashion, art, commerce and community. I believe that architecture is something that comes to life and receives a purpose by the interaction of people.”

Step into Autumn with Cat and Axel Arigato’s second collaboration!
Continuing the unconventional fusion of the two brand’s contrasting aesthetics. AW19 sees an extension of juxtaposing design details and bold new colourways.
Named the ‘Excelsior’, the silhouette combines elements of work wear with a modern upper and introduces bold new colourways.

When speaking on the colour palette for the new season Creative Director and Co-founder Max Svardh said.

“The distinctive orange colour is the key shade for the second collaboration as it is striking and attention-grabbing”.

“This particular orange is commonly used in industrial contexts to make a statement, so we wanted to utilise it throughout the collection as it reminds people that they are wearing a powerful piece.”

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