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Country Russia
Telephone +7 (495) 911 3210
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Company Volmax Financial Report

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AVIATOR is not an occupation. It is a way of life. Since the dawn of time, people dreamt of flight.

The history of the Aviator brand is inseparably connected with this desire and with those who make this dream come true everyday. We are profoundly inspired by the history of aviation through the details of our Propeller series and the modern speed of aviation with the unparalleled design of our MiG series.

The Mission of the Aviator brand is to not only serve with distinction those who conquer the sky but all those who support them here on earth. We have built our reputation through years of fulfilling this mission with each generation of Aviator watches.

We proudly present our watches to the most competent testers in the most rigorous conditions – the world’s best pilots from all parts of the world. It is no accident that Aviator watches design, construction, functionality and ergonomics are reminiscent of airplane dashboard instruments - as Aviator is the official watch of the Russian “Swifts” – among the finest military aerobatics teams in the world. Aviator is the official timekeeper of the “Swifts” pilots, for whom precision in timekeeping and flawless function is of vital importance. The team synchronizes its maneuvers in time only with our watches on their wrist. To meet their exacting standards, Aviator built special, limited edition watches that ultimately became as integral to the MiG 29 Fulcrum jets as their existing dashboard gauges. There is nothing accidental in our watches. When flying wing-tip to wing-tip at mach speeds, you can’t afford any accidents. Every model is the result our designers and engineers working hand in hand with these pilots to ensure we meet their extreme flying requirements.

Only after they have certified the watches as flight ready do we release them to the public. But Aviator watches aren’t just for pilots. Their sturdy construction and unmatched styling make them an excellent and affordable choice for watch lovers everywhere, even if they never leave the ground. It’s no coincidence that the Aviator brand was born in Russia, where pilots are renowned for their courage and skill.

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Name Company Volmax
Country Russia
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +7 (495) 911 3210
Fax +7 (495) 911 6874
Date of foundation 2002
Type of Company Private


Marksistskaya str. 34, building 8, 109147 Moscow

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