Company ALOHA FROM DEER Mariusz Mac
Country Poland
Telephone n.a.
Market Segment Bridge
Core Business Apparel

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ALOHA FROM DEER Mariusz Mac Financial Report

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Mariusz Mac


Team of designers


Fashion photographer Mariusz Mac produced his first printed jumper in 2012 – a constellation-starred "Galaxy" sweater under the label Aloha From Deer.
Within a few short seasons, the brand has expanded into an enchanting world of whimsical animals, fighter jets and trees printed on jumpers, playsuits and varsity jackets, each with a signature wallpaper graphic style. From a bowl of fruitloops to a line of flamingos, each garment captures a creative vision inspired by fashion Tumblrs and blogs with a painterly approach reminiscent of an Instragram filter.
The label aims to create streetwear that will also reflect the mood and personality of the wearer, be it through tropical islands, skylines or Renaissance artwork, which stretches from shoulder to shoulder. The futuristic designs have subliminal messages, such as a white lion which is an African symbol of luck, or cloudscapes drifting over treetops, inspired of the brand’s Polish heritage and scenery.

The brand also has a strong leaning towards sustainability and ethical production. They aim to be the first label to produce their graphic prints entirely on natural cotton and have recently created on a line of eco-wooden sunglasses. All of their designs are produced in Poland, where Mac is based. “The name is just a tricky combination of words,” explains Mac. “Aloha means hello – you imagine palm trees, summer, vacation. And a deer is just something I wanted to have on the sweatshirt.”

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Underwear & Lingerie

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Name ALOHA FROM DEER Mariusz Mac
Country Poland
VAT Number 7922251027
Telephone n.a.
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 2012
Type of Company Private


ul. os. Kombatantów 17 lok. 18, 37-500 Jarosław

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