Company Allo-Martinez Srl
Country Argentina
Email n.a.
Telephone +54 11 5777 65 55
Market Segment Mass Market
Core Business Apparel

Allo Martinez Financial Report


Allo-Martinez Srl Financial Report

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Allô Martinez is a brand with 15 years experience in the market. Arises relating to the draft and free fashion, first as a test of new lines and trends, then surprised by the demand of a market that decides to invest in this new aesthetic, making it one of the proposals for cutting-edge clothing Argentina, which mutates, experiences, messy, unstructured and encouraged.
Allô is ideas, original developments suggest the big idea; womanhood, a figure that highlights the best of every woman and flattering. Our mold-making work and care very much that the clothes are a good fit, exaggeration, our feature is strong, new elements are taken and work in combination; provocation, we generate a unique code and hold the difference, playful, there is a discovery to make the shopping experience related to the play and creativity, attitude, we want to manifest your essence, you admire highlights for transmitting that you know what you want, inspiration, through the way we think and create and awaken that creativity with the many possibilities we offer.
The brand is influenced by the music, the musicians, the 60's and 70's, the Renaissance, cultural movements.
The pretty girl Allô is feminine, independent, self sufficient, professional, uninhibited, loves the design is different, is transformed, his spirit is always young, reports, travel, shop smart, live intensely. It is not simple, not boring, is not obvious, and formal and innocent. The brand believes in his client as unique and proposals generate passion, love, worship, bigotry ... the style groupie!
Allô Martinez, everyday we design.

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Name Allo-Martinez Srl
Country Argentina
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone + (54) 11 5777 65 55
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 1996
Type of Company Private


Av. Figuero Alcorta 3172. Local 1047 - Primer Nivel Buenos Aires

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