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Alberto Moretti Financial Report


3M S.r.l. Financial Report 2020

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Alberto Moretti

Head Designer

Alberto Moretti
2008 - Present


Alberto Moretti’s creativity has always been influenced by the sensual vision of the woman and the new dandy soul of the man. In fact, as early as at three years of age he wanted to wear a bow tie.

Alberto grew up following in his father’s footsteps. In the late 1990s entrepreneur Antonio Moretti from Arezzo was a partner of the Car Shoe brand, which saw Alberto cooperate on product development.

In 2008 Alberto completely restyled and relaunched Arfango, an historical made-in-Italy brand. This experience and his passion for footwear resulted in the creation of a collection bearing his name.

Alberto Moretti created the first velvet slip-ons, also developed in the women’s version, followed by a whole women’s collection that gave shape and substance to photographer Helmut Newton’s description of the foot as “a woman’s sexiest part”.

A lover of beauty and of enjoying each moment in life in full, Alberto keeps pursuing new artistic challenges. Thus, he designed an exclusive footwear line for the Italia Independent brand in partnership with his friend Lapo Elkann.

Described by the international press as a “designer with a velvet heart”, Alberto Moretti uses velvet as the distinctive trait of his collections.

The Alberto Moretti brand is currently available at the signature boutique in Saint Tropez, as well as at the best luxury stores around the world, from Barneys in New York to Harvey Nichols, from Mercury-Tsum in Moscow to Saks in Dubai and Bahrain, and at Fred Segal in Los Angeles.

His creations are the favourite of such international celebrities as Cameron Diaz, Elle Macpherson, Elton John, Ryan Gosling, Ronnie Wood, as well as Italian actresses, including Valeria Golino and Andrea Osvart.

A true Tuscan, Alberto lives with his wife Vanessa Zoppas and daughters Bianca Maria and Fiamma between Florence and the family estate in the Arezzo neighbourhood.

A passionate sportsman and horse lover, Alberto often combines a frantic life with moments of relaxation and well-being. His leisure activities include polo, running and biking.

He loves travelling and collects a variety of contemporary art items from all parts of the world.

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