Company Tasameem
Country Italy
Telephone +39 0733 814330
Market Segment Premium
Core Business Shoes

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Tasameem Financial Report

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Anas Younis Shanaah

Head Designer

Anas Younis Shanaah
2009 - Present


Anas Younis Shanaah graduated with a degree in architecture in Amman, Jordan in 1992. With a passion for design he then left his native home for Italy where he embarked on his career in fashion by working closely with experts in the leather goods field in Florence. Keen to further his experience he moved to New York to study Industrial Design and spent fifteen years collaborating with high-end retailers, designers and stylists. His expertise in design and his eye for detail and architectural gems paved the way for his unique and eccentric creations.

Finding inspiration from his ethnic background and varied worldly experiences, Younis established his brand label, aennis eunis, in 2009. Bringing a unique and exotic touch to the fashion world, aennis eunis styles add a Middle Eastern flavor to what is also described as fresh and trendy brand featuring a series of “must have” shoes and accessories. Younis owes the idea behind his brand to his solid cultural ties, his unique approach to design and his attention to detail. “I come from a strong background of taste and predilection of the Arabian world,” notes Anas.

“An eclectic mixture of cultural experiences allowed me to take pride in being an Arab and I was determined to parade to the fashion world what we can create as Arabs. Ultimately, I developed an increasing passion to design my own line of women's wear and accessories.”

Using the rich resources of the Middle East, the brand aennis eunis brings to life a brilliant fashion line that will stand out in any occasion.

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Name Tasameem
Country Jordan
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +962 6 59 372 22
Fax +962 6 59 298 31
Date of foundation 2009
Type of Company Private


Saad Shamoot Street, Villa 42 P.O. Box 142630 11814 Abdoun, Amman

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