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Country Germany
Telephone +49 0711 220 23 80
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FashionDirect GmbH Financial Report

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Aysen Bitzer-Bourak
Rachid Bourak

Head Designer

Aysen Bitzer-Bourak
2001 - present


Capturing the moods of autumn landscapes and turning them into a new, creative look – that's what inspired us and spurred us on. Autumn, with its colours and natural features and patterns, is a wonderful match for the signature style of 0039 Italy, a style that is clear, yet soft and very natural.

For the silhouette we took great care to reconcile straight lines and classical shapes. From the A-line to the masculine shirt, even the old classics are reinterpreted. The trousers collection focuses deliberately on timeless cuts that continuously offer new facets through attention to detail. The balance between feminine sensuality, in the form of blouses and dresses, and masculine elements such as shirt blouses and pleat-front trousers turn the collection into an extensive whole.

We also worked extensively, for the first time, with leather, which complements and enhances our collection, especially in the trousers and jackets. The entire collection is a homage to the opulence of nature. That's also reflected in the many motif prints, each one of which is produced exclusively for 0039 Italy.
A special highlight in this year's collection is the LAB(oratory) COLLECTION.
In line with the motto "no boundaries", this product line captivates through the most exclusive materials, a high degree of creativity and uniqueness.

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Name FashionDirect GmbH
Country Germany
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +49 0711 220 23 80
Fax +49 0711 284 75 53
Date of foundation 2001
Type of Company Private


Echterdinger Str. 83 70794 Filderstadt

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