Market Research & Benchmarking

Know your competitors and customers – thoroughly

Did you investigate what your competitors were doing and performing, as well as your target audience’s shopping behaviors and trends, the last time you embarked on a new project? If not, then it’s time to get inside people’s heads; this way, you can adequately determine how well your brand is doing in the market landscape, and what you need to incorporate in your next steps due to outside influences. But with so much information available nowadays, it is hard to know what is relevant, and what is not. The secret is genuine insights gained from market research and analysis. The effect will be dramatic on the shape and direction of all your brand’s projects.

Research that does not scratch the surface but digs deep

Our team of analysts conducts competitive reviews of practices in your industry to see how you can set your brand apart. Is all about competitive intelligence: we look into all digital categories from social media to industry trends to determine how your competitors are using digital communications so that your brand is always one step ahead. Based on your exact needs, our team can do an in-depth review of specific topic of your interest. The document will be shared with you exclusively in order to get you up to speed on topics that affect your brand.

What we do

  • Competitor and Benchmarking Analysis
  • Brand’s Positioning Analysis
  • Consumer Sentiment Analysis
  • Conversation Audit & Evaluation
  • In-House Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Competitive Pricing Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Custom Report/Analysis

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