Creative Campaigns

One-way communication is obsolete

The contemporary issue all brands are facing, which didn’t exist five or ten years ago, is that your youngest customers, the millennials, may never see your television spot, billboard or print ad. They may only experience your brand from an online video, through a viral social campaign, by searching and finding your website, or any other myriad of digital channels available. Building an effective campaign is no longer about how loud you scream or how clever your ads are, but about how your audience react and engage with the campaign.

Transformative, creative campaigns that generate buzz

In Fashionbi, we believe and understand the power of the digital age and harnessing that for your brand, while at the same time knowing how to use traditional media to compliment the big idea and keep the conversation going. We create genuinely creative campaigns, while putting together a true omni-channel strategy that will communicate your brand story consistently through all communication mediums; whether paid, owned or earned.

What we do

  • Creative Campaign Creation & Planning
  • Online Influencers Identification and management
  • Fashion Blogger Campaign
  • Integrated Omni-Channel Campaign Strategy & Execution
  • Microsite and special App development
  • Campaign Promotion - Global and Local
  • Campaign Recap with ROI analysis

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