Blogger & Influencer Collaborations

Let the top online influencers amplify your brand equity

Considered genuine and trustworthy, some bloggers today are as influential as the top fashion magazine editors. A Blogger/Influencer outreach campaign represents an enormous marketing potential for brands looking to drive targeted traffic to their website or increase brand awareness. The rapid growth of bloggers has created a unique opportunity for brands to reach millions of passionate, connected, and socially engaged fans.

Launch your fashion campaign with the right online influencers

We have developed a unique database of both paid and organic influencers from around the world for different market segments. Our team is dedicated to matching the world’s biggest brands with the world’s most influential bloggers relevant to the specific market you are interested in. We will moreover manage every aspect of your blogger outreach campaign, analyzing metrics for your campaign optimization and growth strategies to ensure its success and ROI.

What we do

  • Online Influencers Identification (Organic and Paid)
  • Blogger Outreach Campaign Creation & Management
  • Fashion Blogger Relationship Management & Support
  • Guidelines for Fashion Bloggers/Online Influencers
  • Campaign Content Management
  • Campaign Reporting & Analysis

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