Youtube Vloggers are Beating Beauty Brands

Michelle Phan and Bettany Mota and many other names, may not sound familiar for the beauty industry, but they are more than famous in the Youtube land, doing self-content videos, reviews and tutorials about beauty products.

According to Fashionbi Analysts, these beauty vloggers are big influencers in the beauty industry on Youtube platform. Phan's videos in average has more than 1M views, proving that it has more outreach than a video uploaded for the Canadian brand Mac which has only 15K views on average. In the case of Bethany Mota, the teenager has around 6M subscribers, which is incomparable with the 30K of NYX Cosmetics and the 40K of subscribers of Maybelline New York channel.

The numbers do not lie, when it comes to beauty content on the Google-owned video platform, vloggers like Phan and Mota are winning the competition around major brands.